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Common Symptoms of Household Mold – Get an affordable mold damage restoration company

In nature, mold breaks down dead plant and animal matter and deposits nutrients into the surrounding soil, but can bring its share of problems if it blooms in your house. There are a variety of kinds that happily live in homes. Many of these molds love dark, moist spots in your house like your basement or hidden regions of your laundry room. Thankfully, this type of mold is typically innocent, however a small patch may later become a large problem. Mold procreates with the use of spores freed into the air and causes sickness if inhaled by anyone with sensitivities or asthma. Hire an affordable mold damage remediation company.

Household mold is not a problem for many folks, but can hurt more sensitive groups. Typically, the density of the of mold and severity of someone’s allergies will effect their response. Sneezing, runny nose, red eyes and similar flu-like symptoms are normally seen with mold and mildew allergies, making it difficult to pinpoint correctly. More serious allergies can cause harsh reactions like difficulty breathing. Those with asthma must be particularly careful near high concentrations of mold as it may trigger asthma attacks. Additional sensitive groups at risk include:

  • Babies and children
  • Seniors
  • Those with a weak immune system
  • People with serious pulmonary disease

Preventing Mold

The good news is you can take measures throughout your house to remove and keep out mold and mildew. Keep mold out of your house in the first place by periodically wiping down your air conditioning tray, sealing and insulating openings to the outside. Mold flourishes in moist areas of your house, like kitchens or crawlspaces, so consistently sanitizing these places can provide more help than you’d think. Mold loves warm, damp environments, so using a dehumidifier in your house can dry out the area, making it uninhabitable for mold.

Our team recommends getting professional mold repair from Paul Davis Restoration. Getting help from a highly trained contractor can restore your house to its natural state, so you can take preventative measures in the future. Hire an affordable mold damage remediation company.

Get Professional Mold Testing and Remediation

Our specialists at Paul Davis have extensive training and certification to kill troublesome particles and mold fast and according to standards. Our team provides affordable quotes for quality mold removal services for homes and businesses claiming a top spot in the industry.

Our staff provides affordable quotes for emergency response services all day, every day and arrive on the scene within hours of your call. We’re trained to use advanced equipment that kills and sanitizes the areas the mold touched. You also get capable contents cleaners and containment, in addition to thorough sanitation and deodorization when we respond to your home. Paul Davis works hard to help you and your loved ones after mold restoration, so we also work with your insurer during the process. If you’ve found mold or damage from mold at your home, call the mold repair professionals with Paul Davis Restoration. Call Paul for an affordable quote today!