Hurricane Protection – Preparing Your Home from Probable Damage

Damages produced from hurricanes can be devastating for your residence. The high winds can shatter windows, separate roofs and uproot trees. Your residence is also exposed to water damage from the constant rain. Nevertheless, there are precautions you can take to secure your home from heavy weather conditions. Follow the approaches listed below to make sure you, your family and your house is safeguarded from a hurricane and to avoid the need for storm damage restoration.

Hurricane Planning Checklist

  • Garage Door – Believe it or not, your garage is actually one of the more susceptible places when it comes to extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes. The logic behind it: the average garage door is not reinforced and heavy winds can get into the area. When this occurs, a positive push generates in the garage, and as the winds are swirling above it, this creates a negative pull. A push-pull combination develops, and this can place a lot of stress on your roof and eventually it could tear it off your garage. To prevent this from taking place, the best technique is to purchase a kit that supports your garage door. But if time isn’t on your side to put in a garage door kit, then you can use your automobile to support your garage door.
  • Windows and Doors – Water damage is one of the more frequent hardships associated with hurricanes, and when your windows and doors aren’t safeguarded this will allow the storm to move in your home. When a storm is approaching, check that your shutters are sturdy and in a working condition. The latches need to be strong and you’ll also want to put additional locks on them. If your house doesn’t have storm shutters for your windows, then you can cover them up with some OSB. A typical misconception with window prep is that you can tape up the window; however, this doesn’t secure it at all. Also, confirm that your doors are in strong condition and that the deadbolts are functioning properly. You can also use braces on your doors for extra security.
  • Roof – Your roof acts as your number one defender against Mother Nature, and that’s why it’s important to make sure it’s prepared for a hurricane. Locate any out of place shingles and mend them with the proper roofing material, such as roofing cement. You’ll also want good irrigation for the strong rains, so clean out your gutters so the water doesn’t accumulate on your roof. You can then locate any wires that are entering into your home and seal off any threatening gaps to block water damage from occurring. Lastly, evaluate whether it’s required to protect your roof with hurricane straps.
  • Your Property – Strolling through your outdoor property is another essential step you should take. Your shrubs and trees need some consideration and might require some trimming. Any loose or dead branches can be hazardous in windy conditions and could cause a lot of damage to your home. This also consists of items on your lawn such as patio furniture too. Move any items that aren’t fastened to the ground or weighed down to a safe place before the wind can take them.
  • Car – Along with your house, it’s necessary to take preventative measures with your automobile. Don’t park your car beneath any trees or in an area that floods easily. If you keep your car on the street, you should really be cautious of where you park during a hurricane. Furthermore, prepare your car, such as: ensuring your gas tank is full, your windshield wipers are in good condition, your tires aren’t worn out and that your windows are sealed correctly.

Paul Davis – Your Hurricane Damage Restoration Experts

Hurricanes can generate much damage, and there is only so much you can do to secure your residence. When your house needs storm damage repair services, contact Paul Davis. Our team of experts can repair and restore your house back to normal in a timely manner. You can count on the professional storm damage repair team at Paul Davis. Get in touch with us now at 888-473-7669 and our local franchise will be there to get the job done.