Belding Tobacco and Smoke Odor Removal

Smoking tobacco inside or surviving a fire can leave your house with a smoky smell for a long time. No matter what caused the damage to your property, it is harmful for walls, floors, decorations throughout your house and leads to health issues. In the days after fires strike, deposits of smoke settle into your property. Without neutralizing the smell of smoke in your home, softer possessions inside like cloth will take on the smell permanently.

Metal and wood found in the infrastructure of your property is also harmed by smoke. Walls, windows and floors too can be damaged by too much smoke. For anyone with respiratory problems like asthma, the smell of smoke may cause problems. Thankfully, it’s easy to reverse the damage and keep your family healthy. Professionals from Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Mid Michigan are trained in smoke removal and cleaning the air for properties across Belding.

Our Services

If you move quickly after smoke damage and apply the proper methods, a complete recovery is likely for your property. Paul Davis uses a customized approach to treating damage in homes throughout Belding. Instead of taking a blanket approach, we only use the methods necessary to treat your specific case of smoke damage. Get more details by calling Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Mid Michigan now. Additionally, we offer total fire damage restoration services if your property has endured a fire. A few of our other services include:

  • Purifying services
  • Emergency cleanup services including soot removal and chemical residues to get rid of further damage
  • Cigarette smoke smell elimination
  • Help with insurance companies

Serving Belding and the Great Lakes

Coping with a fire is more difficult than quenching the fire itself. Smoke may seep deeply into every part of your house through air vents, drafty areas and more. Even after a fire dies, ash can blanket almost every surface. This is why a qualified smoke reversal company is necessary as soon as possible. To get a smoke damage remediation estimate, find out why Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Mid Michigan is the most trusted smoke removal service in the area.

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