Approaches to Prevent Storm Damage

A wind storm doesn’t seem like it would damage your property; however, if your roof is in bad shape, then you’re in a position to incur some costly repair and restoration work. Communities living in areas of the country that are prone to violent winds are likely to experience property damage related to storms. Violent winds and wind storms easily wreak chaos on the roof of any building or home. If you’re not aware with the amount of damage that strong weather can provoke to any type of building, let Paul Davis help you. We are the specialists when it comes to storm damage remediation and emergency services.

Why Are Roofs Torn Off During Storms?

Getting a secure and durable roof during a fierce storm is the best way to have peace of mind. Although it cannot be guaranteed, having a strategy in place for damage prevention is vital for a good outcome Understanding storms and how they affect your house is the first step in understanding how to prevent your roof from blowing off.

Atmospheric pressure is the main culprit responsible when a roof is blown off. If wind enters your residence from a shattered window or an open door it pressurizes the air within and forces it upwards. Combine that pressurized air in the home with the force of wind pulling on the outside and the roof stands a good chance of being sucked off.

That is why it’s vital to never open your doors or windows during a big storm. It was believed that letting the wind blow through your home was a good thing to do, but this belief has been debunked. Boarding up your windows and doors helps keep a normal atmospheric pressure, combat flying debris from smashing windows and counteracts high-pressure winds. In addition, the actions from wind pressure on your roof depend on your roof’s dimensions.

Learn to Combat Wind Damage to Your Roof

A sure approach to avoid storm damage restorations to your roof is to get it analyzed when you know a storm is coming. Roofs that have any kind of imperfection are susceptible to violent winds and the chances of storm damage are greatly increased, inasmuch a roof that is secured properly has a greater opportunity at combating extreme winds. Taking this effort can lessen any necessary storm damage restorations.

Yet, we know that you can only do so much and the weather can always give us a surprise. Whenever your roof surrenders to any kind of storm damage, then call Paul Davis for expert storm damage repair services. We can restore your residence back to livable condition in a timely fashion. Contact Paul at (517) 465-3096 to find a franchise near you.