How to Secure Your House from a Hurricane – Avoid Storm Damage

Flooding, structural destruction and water damage are the common scenarios after a hurricane passes through. Yet, there are a few essential approaches you can execute in order to avoid these incidents and any excessive storm damage restorations. It’s imperative to do what you can to secure your house from a hurricane and to keep your loved ones and your neighbors protected. Below is a list of methods to keep in mind while safeguarding your residence against the elements.

How to Plan for a Hurricane

  • Garage Door – Indeed, your garage is really one of the more vulnerable spots when it comes to heavy storms like hurricanes. The explanation: most garage doors are not reinforced and strong winds can get into the area. When this happens, a positive push generates in the garage, and as the winds are churning above it, this creates a negative pull. With the push-pull combo, this can place a lot of stress on your roof and ultimately it could rip it off your garage. To avoid this from taking place, the best approach is to purchase a kit that braces your garage door. Although, if it’s too late to install a kit, then you can utilize your car to support your garage door.
  • Windows and Doors – Busted windows don’t only allow the rain to get into your residence, but the wind that comes through can put a lot of pressure under your roof, which can lead to excessive damage to your structure. Storm shutters are a great way to secure your residence during a storm. When a hurricane is on its way, ensure the latches are working properly and you may want to think about adding additional locks for added protection. You can also board up your windows if you don’t have shutters, but it’s vital to know that placing masking tape on your windows won’t do anything in a heavy storm. When your windows are secure, check your doors next. Make sure they’re durable and that the deadbolts are in working order.
  • Roof – Administering a quick checkup on your roof before a hurricane hits your location can save you from excessive property damage. A good beginning point is to check for loose shingles and use some roofing cement to fix them. Next, check to see if there are exposed gaps where any wiring is coming into your home and seal them. This can stop water from entering your residence. You might want to think about obtaining hurricane straps to ensure your roof is fastened too. Also, you’ll want to unclog your gutters so there’s suitable irrigation for the strong rains.
  • Your Property – Take a stroll through your property before the storm hits. Your trees and shrubs need consideration and might require some trimming. Any dead or loose limbs can be dangerous in windy conditions and could cause excessive damage to your home. This includes items on your property such as patio furniture too. Transport any items that aren’t fastened to the ground or weighed down to a secure location before the wind takes them away.
  • Car – When you’re worried about protecting your property from a hurricane, it’s easy to forget about your automobile. Ensure that your car is filled with gas, that your tires aren’t worn down, the windows are up and that your windshield wipers are good. If you have to park on the street, you’ll want to check that you’re not parked under any trees or in a location that is prone to floods.

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