A Homeowner’s Guide to Safeguarding a Property from Harsh Wind Gusts

Taking precautions are useful things you can do when you know extreme winds are about to happen. For the reason that your property is one of your more expensive investments, it’s ideal to do what you can to avoid the hazards that extreme winds can bring to your home and to avoid any storm damage repairs. There are a variety of things to remember when prepping your residence from harsh wind conditions, so to defend your home from high winds, use the steps below.

Things to Keep in Mind If Harsh Wind Conditions Are Arriving

  • Garage Door – Start with your garage if your home has one because this is one of the more sensitive locations for storm damage. Usually, garage doors don’t have the reinforcement to fight harsh winds. What can take place is the wind will cause a positive push in your garage, and the wind outside of the structure generates a negative pull. If this occurs, your roof and garage will sustain a lot of pressure because of this tug-of-war instance. To avoid necessary storm damage restoration services, you can buy a kit that will help your garage door tolerate strong winds. This is a safe step; however, if you don’t have the means to install a kit, then you can use your vehicle to help support your garage door.
  • Windows and Doors – If violent winds are imminent, check that your shutters are strong and in good condition. The fasteners should be secure and you‘ll also want to put locks on them. Nevertheless, board up your windows when you don’t own any storm shutters. A typical misconception with prepping your windows is that you can put masking tape on them; however, this doesn’t defend them at all. Also, verify that your doors are stable and that the deadbolts are functioning properly.
  • Roof – Doing an inspection for your roof before high winds come your location can save you from excessive property damage. The primary thing you’ll want to keep an eye out for is impaired shingles and administer roofing cement to fix them. Then you’ll look for any threatening gaps where any wiring is going into your home and seal them. Since circular currents are produced when winds hit your roof, it will make a suction, and anywhere strong winds can get below your roof will generate an increased air pressure that thrust up towards your roof. So getting a secured roof is one of the better methods to defend against harsh winds from harming your roof.
  • Your Property – It’s essential to clean your lawn of any items that aren’t fastened to the ground like children’s toys, garden accessories and outdoor furniture. If it can be picked up from a strong wind gust, then clear it out and put it in a safe location so it doesn’t do damage to your house and your neighbors around you. Additionally, inspect your trees and shrubbery for any dangling branches and cut them if needed.

Paul Davis’ Storm Damage Cleanup & Restoration

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