Can Smoke Damage in Your Home Affect Your Health?

One of the more devastating disasters that can transpire on your property is a fire. Although the fire itself can be horrible and wreak havoc on your home, the byproduct of smoke can be harmful too. You won’t only need fire damage repairs, but it’s essential that you seek out smoke remediation services. Even with a small fire, the smoke can invade your property and get into your furniture, clothing and any open spaces like your walls. The other nuisances are the odors that linger from it and the ash that can damage your property and the things inside it even further. With our experience as a fire damage restoration company, Paul Davis knows how smoke can affect a home, and we know about the serious consequences that can derive from it.

Getting rid of any remains of smoke damage is just as important as cleaning up fire damage. Smoke and soot that lingers can actually impair the health of anyone living inside the home. It is unsafe to live inside a home with smoke contamination, even if all the smoke is cleared away, there could still be soot and particles around that you can’t see. That’s why it’s critical to have a professional examine your residence after you’ve had a home fire.

Dangers to Your Well-Being Involved with Residing in a Smoke Damaged Home

What kinds of things linger in your home from smoke contamination? Firstly, tar is a byproduct of smoke, and we’ve been taught that breathing in tar can cause significant damage to our lungs. One thing you really need to watch out for is carbon monoxide. Even if all the smoke damage is out of the home, carbon monoxide can remain. The harmful gas is odorless, tasteless and invisible, and when inhaled, it can prevent oxygen from getting to your heart and brain. One of the professionals from Paul Davis can come to your residence after a home fire and check your carbon monoxide levels for your security.

A few of the typical health concerns that can unfold from smoke damage are comprised of:

  • Respiratory Issues – Your sinuses could be impacted directly, making breathing problematic, if your house hasn’t had smoke damage cleared of properly. Even if your home is free from smoke, the remaining residue from the flames and smoke could be lingering in your furniture and carpets. If this is the case, then you’re in danger of breathing in the residue which can lead to medical attention down the road.
  • Skin Damage – The residue that is embedded in your clothing, carpets and furniture can cause mild, or even severe, skin irritation that can’t be healed by lotion. That’s why it’s necessary to have your personal belongings purged from smoke damage.
  • Eye Irritation – Your eyes are susceptible to smoke contamination, and when it sticks around in your home your eyes can become red, itchy and watery. It’s essential to clear your house of smoke damage because if it is neglected, your eyes could suffer from it.

Fire Damage Repair and Smoke Contamination Eradication

No matter the size of the fire, smoke damage can invade your residence. It is unsafe to live in your home if there is smoke damage. To avoid further harm to your well-being and your property, the expert team from Paul Davis is here to assist. From our experience of being fire damage restoration professionals, we know the importance of cleaning up smoke damage. To get assistance from a franchise near your location, give contact us at (517) 465-3096 today.