Can Smoke Damage in Your Home Affect Your Health?

One of the more devastating catastrophes that can take place on your property is a fire. Even though the fire itself can be awful and wreak havoc on your home, the aftereffect of smoke can be dangerous as well. You won’t only need fire damage restorations, but it’s essential that you get smoke removal services. Despite the size of the fire, the smoke can penetrate your house and find its way into your clothes, furnishings and any open spaces such as your walls. The other annoyances are the odors that stay from it and the ash that can damage your property and personal belongings even further. With our skills as a fire damage repair company, Paul Davis understands how smoke can impact a home, and we know about the serious ramifications that can derive from it.

Clearing out any remains of smoke damage is just as essential as cleaning up fire damage. Smoke and soot that lingers can actually impair the health of anyone living inside the home. It is unsafe to stay inside a home with smoke contamination, even when all the smoke has been removed, there could still be soot and particles around that you can’t see. That’s why it’s vital to get a professional to inspect your home after you’ve had a house fire.

Health Problems that Happen from Smoke Contamination

Tar and carbon are some of the byproducts from smoke, and if these are inhaled over a period of time, they can damage your lungs. Carbon monoxide is another major issue to consider as well. It’s an extremely dangerous gas that expels oxygen in the blood when inhaled, which keeps oxygen away from the brain, heart and other organs. After your residence has undergone a fire, a professional can come in and examine the carbon monoxide levels in your home.

Tar, carbon monoxide and other residue that are produced from smoke damage can lead to some serious health complications, these are comprised of:

  • Respiratory Issues – When smoke damage is neglected, the risks of breathing in carbon monoxide and other residue can make breathing problematic and can lead to lung and sinus complications. Just because the space is free from smoke doesn’t mean it’s safe to stay in. Your furniture and carpet could be embedded with small particles and other residue that could simply be taken into the lungs. That’s why it’s vital to clear away, not just smoke, but any smoke damage after you’ve experienced a fire.
  • Skin Damage – Major skin irritation that can’t be healed by lotion can be caused from smoke residue and soot, which could potentially require medical attention. Because smoke can get into clothing and furniture, there might be small particles remaining that harm the skin.
  • Eye Irritation – Itchy, watery, red eyes are a common complication derived from smoke residue remaining in your residence. If the issue isn’t taken care of, not only will your eyes be irritated, but more damage could be sustained.

Don’t Let Smoke Contamination Affect Your Well-Being – Get Expert Help

Having fire damage repair and smoke removal isn’t only beneficial for your property, but also your well-being. If you’ve had a fire in your residence, look to Paul Davis. Get in touch with us at (517) 465-3096 and a local franchise will be there to help you out.