How to Safeguard Your House from a Hurricane – Prevent Storm Damage

Natural disasters can take place without a moment’s notice, but hurricanes can at least be discovered prior to hitting your area. Preparation and planning are the most fundamental things you can execute when hurricane season comes around. Since your home is one of your biggest assets, it’s a good idea to do what you can to prevent the perils that hurricanes can bring to your house and to prevent any storm damage restoration. There are lots of things to keep in mind when prepping your property for the ensuing storm. To defend your property from a hurricane, use the steps below.

Hurricane Preparation Checklist – Best Approaches to Prevent Storm Damage

  • Garage Door – In fact, your garage is really one of the more susceptible spots when it comes to extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes. The reason why: most garage doors are not supported and heavy winds can get into the garage. When this happens, a positive push generates in the garage, and as the winds are whirling above it, this causes a negative pull. A push-pull combination develops, and this can put a lot of pressure on your roof and eventually it could tear it off your garage. To combat this from happening, the best resolution is to buy a kit that supports your garage door. Although, if time isn’t on your side to put in a garage door kit, then you can use your vehicle to brace your garage door.
  • Windows and Doors – Water damage is one of the more frequent perils tied to hurricanes, and when your doors and windows aren’t secure this will allow the storm to get into your home. Before the storm hits, make sure your shutters are sturdy and in a working condition. The latches should be secure and you’ll also want to install locks on them. You can also board up your windows if you don’t have storm shutters. A typical fallacy with window prep is that you can use masking tape on the window; however, this won’t help at all. Also, ensure your doors are durable and that the deadbolts are working properly. You can also brace your doors for added measure.
  • Roof – Your roof is your number one defender against the elements, and that’s why it’s crucial to make sure it’s ready for hurricane season. Search for any damaged shingles and mend them with roofing concrete. You’ll also want suitable irrigation for the strong rains, so clean out your gutters so the water doesn’t accumulate on your roof. You can then find any wires that are going into your house and seal off any threatening gaps to prevent water damage from occurring. Finally, judge whether it’s necessary to protect your roof with hurricane straps.
  • Your Property – Strolling through your outdoor property is another important step you should take. Your shrubs and trees need some treatment and might necessitate some trimming. Any dead or dangling limbs can be hazardous in windy conditions and could cause a lot of damage to your house. This pertains to items on your lawn such as patio furniture as well. Transfer any items that aren’t fastened to the ground or weighed down to a safe area before the wind takes them away.
  • Car – Aside from your home, it’s necessary to take precautions with your vehicle. Don’t park your car beneath any trees or in an area that is susceptible to flooding. If you keep your car on the street, you should really be watchful of where you park. Additionally, prepare your car, such as: making sure your gas tank is full, your windshield wipers are working, your tires have good tread and that your windows are sealed properly.

Get in Touch with Paul Davis for Storm Damage Restoration

Despite all the preventative measures you take in safeguarding your property, there is only so much you can do against storm damages. If your house succumbs to damage generated from a hurricane, contact the professionals at Paul Davis. Our storm damage repair and remediation services will get your house back to normal again. Additionally, we work with a variety of home insurers and we can offer guidance and help you verify if your damage is covered. Call Paul Davis today at (517) 465-3096 to find a franchise near you.