Why the Roof of a Home is in Danger to Violent Wind Gusts

Wind gusts don’t seem like they would damage your residence; still, if your roof is in a bad condition, then you’re in a position to acquire some costly repair and restoration work. Residents residing in areas of the country that are prone to extreme winds are likely to experience property damage related to storms. Violent winds and wind storms easily wreak havoc on the roof of any building or home. If you’re not familiar with the volume of destruction that storms can bring to any type of building, let Paul Davis help you. We have lots of experience when it comes to storm damage repairs and emergency restorations.

Knowing Why Extreme Wind Conditions Affect your Roof

Having a secure and stable roof for a big storm is the best way to be at ease. Although it cannot be guaranteed, having a strategy in place to avoid damage is essential for a good outcome Understanding storms and how they affect your house is the first step in knowing how to prevent your roof from becoming damaged.

Air pressure is the main component responsible when a roof is torn off. If wind enters your residence from a shattered window or an open doorway it pressurizes the air inside and pushes it upwards. Combine that air pressure inside with the force of wind pulling on the exterior and the roof stands a good chance of being sucked away.

We advise you keep windows and doors closed in the event of extreme weather conditions. Bracing your windows before the wind storm can minimize damage. It used to be a standard practice to open windows and doors while it was storming, but that belief has been debunked to prevent any damage to your roof. Brace kits for windows can restrain them from breaking and allowing wind in. Components like the stature of your residence and the shape of your roof can also impact how wind storms affect it.

How to Combat Damage to Your Roof

Having your roof inspected for weak spots and troublesome areas that can be repaired ahead of time will help mitigate wind damage when a storm strikes. Eliminating any point of access for the wind means you can avoid damage to your roof during the storm. Precautionary measures might take up valuable time but the rewards of an unharmed roof is worth it. A roof that has been inspected and repaired correctly stands a better chance to withstand high windstorms.

Unfortunately, not all storm damage can be avoided, which is why Paul Davis also offers storm damage restoration and repairs. You can trust us for help when it comes to taking care of damage on your roof. We understand the importance of prompt servicing and we work hard to make sure your house is in the best condition possible.