Methods to Avoid the Need for Storm Damage Repairs

A wind storm doesn’t seem like it would damage your home; however, when your roof is in a bad condition, then you’re in a position to acquire some expensive repair and restoration work. Communities residing in regions of the nation that are prone to violent winds are likely to experience property damage related to storms. Violent winds and wind storms readily wreak chaos on the roof of any building or home. If you’re not familiar with the volume of damage that storms can bring to any structure, Paul Davis can help. We have years of experience when it comes to storm damage repairs and emergency services.

How Are Roofs Torn Off During Storms?

The logic behind roofs being torn off during fierce-wind storms has everything to do with air pressure. With all wind, as it navigates through your location, it will come in contact with your building. When the wind strikes your house, and for this scenario your roof, the air flow will alter. What occurs is when the wind go across the roof, it makes the air churn and it forms vortices. These vortices generate a push-pull action on the roof and tugs at it.

Air pressure is the primary problem responsible when a roof is torn off. If air currents enters your house from a broken window or an open door it creates pressure within and pushes it upwards. Combine that pressurized air in the home with the force of wind tugging on the exterior and the roof has a good chance in sustaining damage.

That is why it’s vital to, not at any time, open any windows or doors during a violent storm. It was believed that letting the wind blow through your home was a good thing to do, but this belief has been disproved. Bracing your windows and doors helps keep a normal atmospheric pressure, prevents flying debris from smashing windows and wards off high-pressure winds. Also, the actions from wind pressure on your roof rest on your roof’s height, style, and location.

Dependable Storm Damage Avoidance Approaches

Getting your roof inspected for damaged spots and concern-able areas that can be repaired ahead of time will help eliminate wind damage when the weather turns. Eliminating any point of access for the wind means you can prevent damage to your roof during the storm. Precautionary steps might take up some time but the bonus of an unscathed roof is worth it. A roof that has been inspected and repaired accordingly holds a better chance to withstand extreme wind conditions.

Nevertheless, we understand that there’s only so much you can do and the weather can always give us a surprise. If your roof surrenders to any kind of storm damage, then reach out to Paul Davis for first-rate storm damage repair services. We can restore your home back to its normal condition in a timely fashion. Contact Paul at (517) 465-3096 to locate a franchise in your area.