How Does Smoke Damage Impact Your Home – Is it Safe to Live In?

When you’ve had a fire in your house, you know you’re in need of fire damage repair services. Yet, the other thing you should respect as seriously as fire damage is smoke damage. Smoke is very invasive and can find itself anywhere in your house, including furniture, walls and any space in your home. The soot leftover can impair your personal belongings and the lingering odors are disagreeable. With the fire damage repairs we’ve done over the years, Paul Davis understands how frustrating smoke damage is, but we also know how hazardous it is as well. Smoke damage needs to be removed of professionally, because it is unsafe to linger in an area where a fire has been.

Clearing out any particles from smoke damage is just as important as taking care of fire damage. Smoke and soot that lingers can actually impair the health of anyone living inside the house. It is unsafe to live inside a residence with smoke damage, even when all the smoke has been removed, there could still be soot and particles sticking around. That’s why it’s vital to get a professional to examine your home after you’ve had a house fire.

Health Risks Involved with Living in a Smoke Contaminated Home

Fire damage causes ash and soot, but the hazardous materials that linger in the smoke often consist of tar and carbons. One of the primary things you need to be cognizant of smoke damage is the extremely dangerous gas, carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is odorless, tasteless and invisible, and that’s why it’s critical to have a professional come to your residence for fire and smoke damage repair. An expert technician can test the levels of carbon monoxide in your residence after a fire has occurred.

A few of the health issues that can derive from smoke damage are comprised of:

  • Respiratory Issues – The capability to breathe can be hurt by smoke damage. Even when your residence is completely free from smoke, the effects could be embedded in your carpet, walls, furniture and any other open area that smoke can find its way into. When you come into contact with a smoke polluted space, you’re in danger of inhaling particles that were left behind. This can cause sinus and lung complications which could provoke serious health issues later.
  • Skin Damage – Since residue from fire and smoke can get trapped into your clothing, carpets and furniture, this can lead to serious skin irritation. Sometimes it can be serious enough that lotion is unable to remedy it.
  • Eye Irritation – Your eyes are susceptible to smoke contamination, and when it stays in your residence your eyes can get itchy, watery and red. It’s important to clear your living area of smoke damage because if it is neglected, your eyes could become injured from it.

Don’t Let Smoke Contamination Impact Your Well-Being – Let the Professionals Remove It

Getting fire damage repair and smoke removal isn’t only beneficial for your residence, but also your health. If you’ve had a fire in your residence, you can count on the fire damage repair professionals at Paul Davis. Call us at (517) 465-3096 and a franchise in your location will be there to assist.