Household Mold & Common Symptoms – Get a quote from our mold damage remediation company

In caves, forests and other environments, mold deteriorates dead material and enriches the surrounding soil, but can cause problems if it grows in your house. Similar to a natural environment, there are many kinds that happily live in homes. Many of these mildews and molds do well in dark, moist places in your house like your basement or hidden regions of your kitchen. Luckily, this type of mold is typically innocent, however sometimes a little spot may later become a huge issue. Mold procreates using spores released into the air and causes problems when inhaled by anyone with allergies or asthma. Hire an affordable mold damage repair company.

Household mold or mildew are nontoxic for a majority of folks, but can affect those with respiratory issues. Mold allergies are common for many the population and flair up at various times depending on the amount of mold. Sneezing, runny nose, red eyes and typical cold-like symptoms are commonly seen with mold allergies, making it difficult to pinpoint accurately. The most severe reactions include difficulty breathing. Those with asthma must be particularly cautious near high concentrations of mold as it may trigger asthma attacks. Additional groups at risk include:

  • Babies and children
  • Those 65 and up
  • Those with a weak immune system
  • People with chronic lung disease

Home Treatments for Mold

The good news is you can take measures around your house to kill and keep out mold. Keep mold out of your house in the first place by regularly wiping down your HVAC unit, weatherproofing and adding insulation to outside areas. Mold flourishes in damp places around your house, like kitchens or basements, so regularly sanitizing these areas helps more than you’d think. Mold grows best in muggy environments, so keeping a dehumidifier in your house can keep the area dry, making it uninhabitable for mold.

We also recommend seeking professional mold restoration from Paul Davis Restoration. Getting assistance from a certified team can return your house to normal, so you can take preventative measures in the future. Hire an affordable mold damage repair company.

Affordable Mold Damage Repair Quotes

At Paul Davis, our professionals have extensive training and certification to eliminate problematic spores and mold quickly, safely and completely. Our team provides affordable quotes for great mold removal services for homes and businesses unlike any other in the area.

The Paul Davis team offers affordable quotes for 24/7 emergency response and make it to your home only hours after you contact us. We’re equipped with advanced equipment that kills and sanitizes the area affected by mold. You also get subtle contents cleaners and containment, in addition to thorough sanitation and odor removal when we remove the problem. We want to go that extra mile to assist you and your loved ones after mold restoration, so we also work with your insurer during the claims process. If you’ve encountered mold or damage from mold in your home, connect with the mold restoration specialists at Paul Davis Restoration. Call us for an affordable quote today!