Smoke Damage – Is It Safe to Remain in Your Home?

When your home has experienced a fire, you know you’re in need of fire damage repair services. But the other thing you should respect as seriously as fire damage is smoke damage. Smoke is very intrusive and can find itself anywhere in your house, including between your walls, furnishings and any space in your house. The soot can destroy your belongings and the remaining odors are obnoxious. With the fire damage restorations we’ve done over the years, Paul Davis knows how irritating smoke damage can be, but we also understand how hazardous it can be too. Smoke damage needs to be taken care of correctly, because it isn’t safe to linger in an area where a fire has occurred.

You may not realize it, but the smoke that lingers can be dangerous to anyone in your residence and bring about health complications. If your house has a fire, it isn’t safe to stay in your home, and it’s important to get an expert to come to your house for remediation. Our fire damage repair services will ensure the smoke and soot in your property is removed and that your house is in a safe, livable condition again.

Health Issues that Derive from Smoke Damage

Fire damage produces ash and soot, but the hazardous elements that linger in the smoke often have carbons and tar. One of the primary things you need to be aware of with smoke contamination is the extremely hazardous gas, carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is tasteless, invisible and odorless, and that’s why it’s important to have an expert come to your house for fire and smoke damage repair. An expert contractor will be able to check the levels of carbon monoxide in your house after a fire has occurred.

Carbon monoxide, tar and other particles that are generated from smoke contamination can lead to some frightening health issues, these are comprised of:

  • Respiratory Issues – Your lungs and sinuses could be affected directly, making breathing problematic, if your property hasn’t been re-mediated of smoke contamination. Even if your house is free from smoke, the remaining residue from the flames and smoke could still remain in your furniture and carpets. If this is the case, then you’re in danger of inhaling these particles which can lead to medical attention down the road.
  • Skin Damage – The residue that is embedded in your clothing, carpets and furniture can lead to minor, or even major, skin irritation that can’t be healed by lotion. That’s why it’s essential to purge your personal belongings from smoke contamination.
  • Eye Irritation – Smoke contamination can linger, even if you can’t see it, and this can aggravate the eyes causing them to be red, itchy and watery. When the problem is ignored for a period of time, this can cause more problems and harm to your eyes.

Eliminate Smoke Damage – Paul Davis Can Help

With our knowledge and experience in performing fire damage repair projects, Paul Davis knows how important it is to remove smoke contamination from your residence. Don’t leave the problem alone because it isn’t safe to stay in a smoke damaged area. A local franchise near your area is is ready to assist. Contact us at (517) 465-3096.