Hurricane Defense – Prepping Your House from Possible Disaster

Natural disasters can happen at any time, but hurricanes can at least be revealed before they hit your location. When it’s hurricane season, it’s crucial to do some planning. Because your house is one of your biggest assets, it’s a good idea to do what you can to prevent the damages that hurricanes can bring to your home and to prevent any storm damage repair. There are many things to check up on when preparing your property for a hurricane. To secure your property from a hurricane, follow the methods listed below.

Hurricane Planning Checklist – Best Methods to Avoid Storm Damage

  • Garage Door – If you have a garage, this might be one of the first things to take care of. Typically, garage doors don’t have the support to fight high winds. What can take place is the wind will produce a positive push inside your garage, and the wind outside of the structure creates a negative pull. When this happens, your roof and garage will undergo a lot of stress because of this tug-of-war instance. To prevent a major storm damage repair, you can buy a kit that will help your garage door fight hurricane conditions. This is the most effective step, but if you don’t have the time to install a kit, then you can use your automobile to help support your garage door.
  • Windows and Doors – The other susceptible areas in your property are your entrances like your doors and windows. Damaged windows will allow rain and wind to move through your home, and this can lead to water damage issues. When a storm is imminent, make sure you lock and secure your windows. If you have storm shutters installed, ensure they are in good condition and locked, but if you don’t have storm shutters, you can board up your windows to keep possible destruction out of your home. Also, keep in mind that using masking tape on your windows doesn’t defend them at all. Regarding your doors, use the deadbolts or any other locking mechanisms to ensure they don’t fly open during strong wind gusts.
  • Roof – Inspecting your roof is vital before a hurricane passes through your location, and it can defend against property damage and give you peace-of-mind. A good starting point is to locate damaged shingles and apply some roofing cement to fix them. Next, check to see if there are threatening gaps where any wiring is coming into your house and seal them. This can bar any water from coming into your property. You might want to think about obtaining hurricane straps to ensure your roof is secure as well. Another thing to do is unclog your gutters so there’s good irrigation for the strong rains.
  • Your Property – Strolling through your yard is another critical step you should take. Your shrubs and trees need treatment and might necessitate some trimming. Any dangling or dead branches can be threatening in windy conditions and could cause some damage to your home. This pertains to items on your property like patio furniture as well. Transfer any loose items to a secure area before the wind can take them.
  • Car – Your vehicle can easily be forgotten when you’re prepping your home for a storm. But it’s a good idea to get your vehicle ready as well, so ensure you have: your gas tank filled, good windshield wipers, tires with good tread and your windows sealed properly. In addition, be conscious of where you park your vehicle, especially if you park on the street. Make sure your vehicle isn’t beneath any trees or in a location that’s vulnerable to flooding.

Get Hurricane Damage Repair Services for Your Property with Paul Davis

Despite all the necessary steps you take in securing your property, there is only so much you can do against storm damages. If your property experiences damage produced by a hurricane, contact the experts at Paul Davis. Our storm damage repair and remediation services will get your property back to the condition it was before. In addition, we work with different home insurers and we can help you figure out if your damage is covered. Call us today at (517) 465-3096 to locate a franchise near you.