Recovering from Water Damage in Sunfield MI

From broken dishwashers to leaky roofs, water damage varies in source and scale. No matter where it starts, it can result in serious harm to the structure and stability inside. Wooden surfaces and drywall are prone to fungal invasion after taking on water. If your property takes on water damage, contact the specialists at Paul Davis of Sunfield.

Getting Ready for the Professionals

Before a Paul Davis service master arrives, there are several measures you can do to help make the process speed up. To salvage everything on your property from water damage, it’s necessary to act quickly.

Don’t enter your home until you know it’s safe. The hazardous mixture of water and electricity makes a flooded home an unsafe place to enter. Shut off the main breaker before entering your home. Even if they look safe, home appliances can pack a punch when damaged by water.

First Things First

A serious home flood can leave all your possessions wet. Once your home is safe to enter, remove all your possessions. Even, flat areas are suitable for drying books, magazines and other paper materials. Don’t forget lamps and other tabletop things either. Once you’ve moved small items, newspaper and any other damp materials, the cleaning can begin.

To dry your property, use fans or air conditioning. Let the experts handle the big damage Though you may want to try, do not use a standard home vacuum cleaner to clean water. This can damage the appliance or endanger you if improperly handled. When you’re ready to move furniture, prop up larger pieces like heavy chairs and sofas onto wooden or cement blocks to elevate them away from the floor.

Water adds weight to surfaces, carpets, and fabrics. All that additional weight makes fur, rugs and leather goods difficult to move. So if you have to remove a carpet, proceed with caution. Hang draperies, clothing and other fabrics away from the soaked area to dry correctly. Things like draperies might not be salvaged easily.

Water treats your property’s’ structure the same way it affects carpets and rugs. Because of this, avoid sagging ceilings or bent floors. These areas have likely absorbed large amounts of water and could crumble under weight.

Paul Davis in Sunfield MI

Paul Davis service masters are experts on water damage. A little prep work from you before professionals arrive speeds up the restoration process. We will restore your property back to normal safely and quickly. Our specialists are experienced and have worked with severe, moderate and small amounts of water damage in all types of residential and commercial spaces. Additionally, Paul Davis works with your insurance company to settle your claims promptly, so you can return to normal.