How the Roof of a Structure is in Danger to Fierce Winds

A wind storm doesn’t seem like it would be a danger to your property; still, if your roof is in disrepair, then you stand to incur some costly repair and restoration work. Individuals residing in regions of the nation that are prone to extreme winds are likely to experience property damage related to storms. Powerful gusts of wind and wind storms easily wreak havoc on the roof of any building or house. If you’re not familiar with the volume of demolition that strong weather like hurricanes and tornadoes can cause to any structure, let Paul Davis help you. We are the specialists when it comes to storm damage remediation and emergency restorations.

Knowing How Fierce Wind Conditions Impact your Roof

Having a solid and stable roof during a fierce storm is the best way to be at ease. Though it cannot be guaranteed, there are things you can do to give your roof a chance against storms. Understanding storms and how they affect your home is the first step in understanding how to stop your roof from blowing off.

The air pressure below the roof is an important role in this. When the wind gets inside your home from a doorway, or if flying debris breaks a window, this will form a high-pressure scenario inside and it will push against your roof. Then you’ll get a push from inside the house and a suction pulling from above the roof. This tug-of-war is how shingles get torn off, or in the worst scenario, your roof tears off from the rest of the house.

That is why it’s critical to, not at any time, open any windows or doors at the time of a violent storm. At one point it was popular to think that letting the wind flow through your house was a good thing to do, but this belief has been debunked. Boarding up your windows and doors helps maintain normal atmospheric pressure, prevents flying debris from smashing windows and wards off high-pressure winds. Additionally, the effects from wind pressure on your roof revolve around your roof’s height, style, and location.

Learn to Fight Storm Damage to Your Roof

A sure method to avoid storm damage restorations to your roof is to get it analyzed when you know a storm is imminent. Roofs that have any type of flaw aren’t as resistant to high-winds and the possibilities of storm damage are considerably increased, inasmuch a roof that is fixed correctly has a better chance at fighting extreme winds. Doing this can lessen any necessary storm damage restorations.

Nevertheless, we know that there’s only so much you can do and the forces of nature always give us a surprise. If your roof degrades to any sort of storm damage, then look to Paul Davis for first-rate storm damage restoration services. We can get your home back to livable condition in a timely fashion. Contact Paul at (517) 465-3096 for a franchise near you.