Paul Davis Annual Super Bowl LIV Contest

Winner =  $100 Gift Card


New…$50 Gift Card*

*Player who comes closest to the half time score (#5 on entry form)

It’s Easy!  Just fill out the entry form below – 4 easy steps:

  1. Pick which team you think will win the Super Bowl (choose from dropdown)
  2. Guess the final total combined score of the game
  3. Guess the actual final score for each team (for tie-breaker)
  4. Guess the combined score of the game at half time (for double tie-breaker AND your chance to win $50 gift card for the player who comes closest)

Our winner will be announced, Monday – February 3rd

Super Bowl LIV Entry Form - Mid-Michigan

Entry form for contest
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Please contact Michelle at: or call: 800-676-9118 or 239-340-5700