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Paul Davis Water Damage Scenarios

Water damage takes many shapes and can strike even the most organized business or home. Assorted water damage circumstances need different answers. Regardless of the origin or size of water damage in your home, Paul Davis Emergency Services respond quickly and professionally.

These are some of the most typical reasons for water damage:

Mother Nature

Heavy rainfall will put any structure’s integrity to the test. When storms get serious, water becomes a powerful force. Be it a flood, hurricane, or blizzard, when water hits your home or business, it’s a grave problem. No one can be prepared for every scenario, but when something goes wrong, you can depend on us.

Underground Flooding

Basements are magnets for runoff water, be it from rain, a leaky roof, a malfunctioning sump pump, or other sources. It only takes a single break in the cellar for water to invade. Paul Davis professionals are highly qualified to remove flooding from cellars, clean and restore your home goods, and dry everything quickly to minimize damage. We don’t quit until we know that the work is finished.

Problems from Sewer Spills

Sewer back up is not only repellent, it’s a health concern. Black or grey water contamination contains pathogens that may result in infection. Flooding caused by sewer clogs should be designated as a crisis and should be dealt with immediately. Trained Paul Davis technicians evaluate and remove the damage from the backup and all stagnant water damage may have happened. Our tools and specialized education will solve the hazard with efficiency and quality.

Busted Pipes & Appliance Malfunctions

If a faucet, tub, washing machine or other appliance breaks, the outcome can range from annoying to devastating. Stagnant flooding left on the floor can drain into the foundation, collecting in out of reach areas. You then cause wood damage and harbor a mold contamination. If your water damage starts from toilet or dishwasher overflow, you additionally risk harboring pathogens. Call a professional investigate the situation to prevent more expenses later on.

Water after Fire Damage

It’s terrible enough for a home to take on fire damage, but it’s even worse to be stuck with water damage in the days after the blaze. In the steps of extinguishing an indoor fire, your property may be left with water damage. This one-two punch of home damage can leave your area devastated. Paul Davis has the skills to remove all fire or water damage remaining.